18 de fevereiro de 2008

the tantra monsters

"in stereo" (1996)
1. Traffic
2. Working Man
3. Beans and Rice
4. Curse of Boto
5. DNA
6. 10 Hours
7. Inside Out
8. Crackhouse
9. 21 Tons
10. Wine Women & Song
11. Ultra Monkey

3 comentários:

Willi Lopes disse...

CARALHOOOOO MANO! Cê num sabe como eu procurei essa banda!!!

Brigadasssoo mano!!!


FauxReal disse...

These guys are awesome! I used to live in Hawaii and see them all the time. They were friends of mine.

Here;s a good video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxxzpVFrdpY

Also the guy singing in that video is Ryan Kunimura, here is his new band.


Anônimo disse...

Thank you! I saw these guys in the late 90s, had this CD but lost it. Can't wait to hear it again!