15 de setembro de 2008

warsaw poland bros

"best of ska and rocksteady 1995-2005" (2006)

1. Gangster Ska
2. Love is Stronger....
3. We Love Dem Ladies
4. S'get Budded
5. Ska Lizard
6. Keep On Doing
7. Rocksteady Medley 69
8. Bow Down
9. Rude Girl
10. Johnny Too Bad
11. Club Sex
12. Rocksteady Medley 68
13. Sing Jayee Style
14. Tap Nasty
15. Wine and Grind
16. Cotton Fields / Crawdad Song
17. Rocksteady Medley 66

Best of Ska and Rocksteady 1995-2005 is a record of Warsaw's original hits, medleys that include classic ska melodies, and a few new tracks. A collection of Just the Jamaican flavored Warsaw tunes. A few were pulled from pre-released Cds and others are unreleased live medleys from the road. Also included are three new original trad-ska tunes. The one "We Love Dem Ladies," features Sledge from The Toasters on trumpet.

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Punkska disse...

fala man bacana o blog, tb tenhu um, da um bico lá!


Anônimo disse...

Maaaais Warsaw por favor!!

Diggerdoev disse...

what ist about the password ?
can't find anything ?