15 de setembro de 2008


"you and what army ?" (2005)

1. Emo Patrol
2. Democracy In Name Only
3. Rake-side Up!
4. Skaoi!
5. Burnout
6. Rude Rude Rudy
7. Strawberry Jam
8. You Done Cheated
9. Reason To Quit
10. A Night In La Paz
11. The Ballad Of Rosco Gordon
12. Desperado

Skamasutra is a six-piece Ska band based out of Exeter, New Hampshire. For over four years Skamasutra has given the Northeast nothing but the best the Ska genre has to offer.
This is Skamasutra's first full-length CD. It contains 12 original tracks that we recorded ourselves with our own equipment and are releasing on our own label. The songs themselves are among our most recognized, enjoyed, and unique numbers. The styles of which range from traditional Ska to ska punk .

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