15 de setembro de 2008

the afterbeat

"personals" (2006)

1. People Before Profit
2. Ruptura
3. It Doesn't Matter
4. No More
5. Together Strong
6. Long Road
7. Just Fine
8. Girl I Need
9. The Lesson
10. Drama Queen
11. Remorse
12. Ey Yey Yey
13. The System

The Afterbeat (Winnipeg, MB) is a six-piece Ska ensemble that has been together since late 2000 . Mixing upbeat contemporary influences into the well known soulful blend of old school Two Tone Ska and earlier Punk music.
The Afterbeat were named in Alternative Press (Aug 2003) magazine by Bucket Hingley (The Toasters/Moon Ska Records) as one of the top ten North American Ska acts performing and touring.

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