23 de junho de 2008

the frits

"not enough for you" (1993)

1. I don't want to Live Alone
2. It's Not Enough for Me
3. We Fight for You
4. The Snake
5. All You Ever Did
6. Take Him Again
7. Concrete Jungle
8. All Those Things
9. I'm Rich
10. Just Your Little Problem
11. New Life
12. Journey by Train

"little idiots" (1991)

1. Hey Girl
2. Searching for Another Place in Town
3. Sense of Life (version 1991)
4. The Most I Hate is You
5. Je T'aime6. Little Idiots
7. Bonehead
8. Work (version 1991)
9. Stories
10. Why do You Change It?
11. Aus Ruinen

"the rude message" (1989)

1. Life of Brian
2. Where You Gonna Run
3. Execution in Mexico
4. Yourself
5. Teardrops
6. Old Ska
7. Stolen Love
8. Red Wine
9. You Ran Away
10. Loser
11. You're Wondering Now

3 comentários:

RudeBoy disse...

Hi Dida!

Great blog!!

I was so happy to find the Frits on your blog as they are no longer available to buy and ebay is dry - as well. Unfortunately, it seems that the files are not available on ZShare. Can you re-upload them please? Thank you in advance.


Anônimo disse...

Is it possible to Reupp these CDs?

Andrea disse...

Hi Rude Boy,
if you are interested I have got a spare copy of the Little Idiots lp.
just email here: