16 de abril de 2008

the aquabats !

"the fury of aquabats!" (1997)
1. Super Rad
2. Red Sweater
3. Magic Chicken
4. Fight Song
5. Cat With 2 Heads
6. The Story Of Nothing
7. Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates
8. Martian Girl
9. Attacked By Snakes
10. Idiot Box
11. Powdered Milk Man
12. My Skateboard
13. Phantasma Del Mar
14. Lobster Bucket
15. Theme Song
16. Playdough Revisited

"the return of aquabats" (1996)

1. Playdough
2. Martian Girl
3. Ska Robot Army
4. Idiot Box
5. Pinch and Roll
6. Tarantula
7. Marshmallow Man
8. Aquabat March
9. CD Repo Man
10. It's Crazy, Man!

2 comentários:

Dida disse...

The Aquabats make pretty immature music. There is no real point to there music other than to have a good time. That really is a lost trait in the music world today. However these guys are all excellent musicians.
The horn work on albuns is incredible. All the instruments sound good and the vocals are great. You won't get blown away by them, but they work for the kind of music that is being played.

Zumbi Dos Palmares disse...

@Dida Well, the song My Skateboard on The Fury album really blows me away.